Painting overglaze means painting on majolica white glaze. Majolica is a special Italian white glaze discovered on 13th century by the Arabian people in Spanish island (Majorca). From 14th century the Italian artisans has used this glaze. Today the glaze is the best solution for painting on ceramics.

This course teaches every secrets of majolica painting with the purpose of deepening different styles, especially the Renaissance on the chiaroscuro (shades – from light to dark), the study of faces and draperies to still life up to the landscape. All the secrets of the ‘chiaroscuro’ will be analyzed to create wonderful effects of depth and plasticity, such as to make each painting a true work of art. The design can be made free hand, with soft pencil, or by stancil and then retraced (underline) with the orange color by thin brush.


  • Mud is Mood

    MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2019 – DIGITAL DETOX DESIGN 7/14 APRILE 2019, STUDIO CORREA GRANADOS ARCHITECTS, VIA SOLFERINO 11     During Milano Design Week 2019 Mud is Mood will be part of “Living Experience” the event conceived to take a

  • Versando Torgiano

    Quando la ceramica incontra i prodotti della Terra. Il Comune di Torgiano strategicamente posto alla confluenza del fiume Chiascio e del Tevere è sin dall’antichità un territorio votato sia alla ceramica che all’agricoltura. Grazie ad un terreno argilloso e alla

  • Evolution 16.9 at Tecnargilla 2016

    MIC at  Tecnargilla 2016 Tecnargilla, the world´s biggest ceramics industry trade show, set to take place in Rimini from 26 to 30 September 2016, will host a selection of works from the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza (MIC) as part of the Ceramic

  • light4good

      Il mecenatismo di QVC Italia si rinnova con la mostra Luce4Good – Light Art Ensemble 2015, la luce come progetto di vita a sostegno di Fondazione Umberto Veronesi per il progetto Pink is Good  Dal 10 al 20 dicembre


      DESIGN ON FERMENT, 300 ceramic bottles and 7 umbrian breweries present in Milan “Design in Ferment” expo, Special handcrafted beers.