Evolution Art Revolution tour 2010 - 2013 (EN)

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Evolution Art Revolution tour 2010 - 2013 (EN)

Post by CLSDERUTA » 25 Aug 2010, 13:12


Presenting the poetic horizons of ceramic art in the contemporary art scene; avant-garde works that invite discussion,.
A touring exhibition that starts from Paris and continues through other prestigious European destinations reaching Poland, where, from January to March 2011, will be hosted at the National Gallery of Gdansk - curator, Wojciech Bonislawski - followed by Umbria.
The project is conceived as a travelling exhibition that will visit some of the major cities in Europe and outside over the next three years. The official "manifesto" of the group will be signed in the occasion of the Gdansk appointment.
It is not accidental that the tour starts in Paris since the same period, the French capital will host a great World Forum on ceramics and its evolution.
The exhibition will show the work of twelve international artists representing a variety of reflections, research and innovation in ceramic art, a true creative and experimental investigation.
The Group, led by Nicola Boccini will present four new techniques / r / evolutionaries, two of which have found application in the fashion field where two guests designers agreed to be challenged with these forms of experimentation.
With this event we want to offer our special contribution to the knowledge of ceramic and its millennial history, showing the evolution of techniques and the aesthetic bound to it.
This input is given thanks to the artists of the CLS - Ceramica Libera Sperimentale - and the School of Ceramic Art Romano Ranieri ,Deruta . The research of recent years have enabled us to reach an alternative expression, free from conventional canon and tradition.
Boccini Nicola, Artistic Director of the Group and creator of the exhibition, said: "A radical change in the way of understanding art pottery, an attempt to unfold a personal moment of reflection in positive, using the universal language of emotions that are revealed through forms, techniques and colors of art. "

A contemporary art exhibition "Evolution Art Revolution".
Opening : Thursday, September the 2d, 2010 at 18.00 at the Art Gallery "Selective Art in Paris - directed by Mario Rizzardo and Gabriella Artoni - all artists will be the present.

press: margheritacirulli@gmail.com

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