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Fanny Ceramic Store

Post by len » 16 Dec 2010, 18:32

Dear Florina,

Thanks for all of your help with the log in.
I've included all of my correspondence with FANNY. As you can see I am very disappointed with the quality of workmanship from Fanny. The table center was to be a "special" Christmas present for my wife to remember our wonderful trip to Italy. It has been nothing but problems because of Fanny.
Please do what ever you can so other visitors to your lovely city are aware of the problems with FANNY.

Thank You

Dear Luca,
After waiting for almost 3 months for my table center to arrive, I finally received it today and I'm very disappointed in the Quality of the table center.
We waited an extra month for a new table center to be made because the one we saw in your shop had some defects.
The table center we received has more DEFECTS than the one in your shop.
I've attached photos of the DEFECTS.
P1060062, P1060063, P1060067 and P1060068:
----Unpainted areas around the spiral handles
---chip on the edge of the table center
There were NO pieces in the box so the damage was NOT from shipping.
---chip on the base of the table center
---missing wire hanger
There were NO pieces in the box so the damage was NOT from shipping.

1. Please provide a full refund to my credit card and send me shipping instructions along with a pre-paid shipping label to return the table center to your shop.
2. Make a new table center with NO defects and ship it to me as soon as possible.
Your timely response will be appreciated.
Len Petty

Dear Luca,
Just a reminder:
1. The table center must NOT have any defects as the sample we saw in the store.
2. My name should be on the back of the table center

If NOT, I will be returning the table center for a full refund.

dear Len I have just shipped your table center.if you want to know the traking number, plaese conctact my agent for shipping by e mail
or by phone 075/8040850.
anyway you will receive it tomorrow or next monday.
don't worry.
sincerely Luca

Dear Luca,
We have been waiting for over 3 months for our table center.
You said it would ship in one week on Nov. 20.
Please provide me the shipper information. If I do not hear from you in 3 days I will contact the Italian Embassy, School of Ceramics and the Mayor of Deruta.
If you are unable to ship the table center the please issue a credit to our credit card for the full amount.
I have attached a picture of the table center for your reference.
Len Petty

dear Len I didn't answer yesterday because I was in american embassy in rome for an exibition,anyway we can ship your tablecenter in one week.
don't worry.
sincerely Luca

We have made several attempts to contact you regarding our order.
If I don't hear from you before next Tuesday I will be contacting the Italian Embassy, The Mayor of Deruta and the school of ceramics.
Len Petty

Dear Sir,
We purchased a dish from you on 30/09/2010. "Centrotavola 2 Maniw Melo Grano Nero"
The name on the order is PETTY.
It's now 1 month and 2 weeks since the order.
Please advise on Ship Date.
Len Petty

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Re: Fanny Ceramic Store

Post by claybond » 19 Dec 2010, 14:49

Dear Len,
welcome to the ceramic forum.
I am sad for this happened, I just look on the google "ceramica fanny" and I found a lot of people that had problem with this factory.
I don't know Ceramiche Fanny, but the factory on internet has a very bad reputation
I hope someone take care of stop to him.
Good lucky :oops:

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Re: Fanny Ceramic Store

Post by argilla » 30 Jan 2011, 23:34

FAQ: Warning: don't buy from Fanny in Deruta
I did read this on the web, ceramiche funny is fantastic deruta fake, is the king of lies and bullshit.
I didn't know the owner of this factory, but i'd like to do an video on youtube when sell ceramic to the foreign people. Tittle Buy&Lost.
Argilla :shock:

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